Claire Savage, Student at the California Institute of Integral Studies
What are your thoughts on Fritjov Capra's (The Turning Point) ideas that, "Living organisms have an inherent potential for reaching out beyond themselves to create new structures and new patterns of behavior. This creative reaching out into novelty, which in time leads to an ordered unfolding of complexity, seems to be a fundamental property of life, a basic characteristic of the universe. * The underlying dynamics of evolution, whose central characteristic is not adaptation but creativity." Thank you.
I agree, and I think the term "reaching out" is important. We tend to think of creative people as operating on a strictly interior level--e.g. the trope of the absent-minded professor. In fact, I'd argue that the genius is more, not less, engaged with the world around her. She just might be engaged in a more selective way.

I'm a bit wary, though, of fixating on the "newness"of the creative act. We (or at least we in the West) tend to overemphasize the novelty aspect of creativity. Every innovation is always, always built on what came before. Something truly “new” would be incomprehensible to us and therefore useless. We certainly couldn't consider it “creative.” The sort of creative evolution that Capra describes is, by definition, incremental, standing solidly on the ground of tradition. I think that's important to remember.
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