Matthew Kelley, Met ATL TFA '15
Thanks for taking questions Mohamed. Some scientists and social scientists have come out saying global warming has played a part in the impetus of the Syrian conflict (issues with agriculture and food scarcity creating some sense of socioeconomic and political derpirivation). Do you agree with this? What do you think?

Also, what is some of the commentary coming from the citizens? What are their concerns and suggestions for reconciliation? In US, we hear what our govt wants but not too much of what the Syrians want and need.

Feel free to only answer one of my questions. Thanks!
The conflict in Syria is too complex to be attributed to a single factor. Issues with agriculture and food scarcity that you rightfully mentioned certainly had an impact, especially in rural parts of Syria in the years that preceded the crisis, which may help in understanding how different the situation in those rural parts was compared to the urban centers over the past five years. Many other factors were in place or have been introduced throughout the crisis, which contributes to the increasing complexity of the picture.
Syrian citizens, as citizens in any other country around the world, have different opinions and views. I could safely say that the majority still prioritize their freedom and dignity over any other consideration. But the impact of the crisis has been tragically dire. People are worn out, feel let down and lost confidence in the world, which is why there is a need for an immediate solution to restore humanity to this country. However, only power politics dominate the scene.
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