Hatem Nawar, Program manager in Tech Industry
There are lots of humanitarian efforts on the ground, yet we hear horrific stories about villages under siege and starved to death. First which relief organization/effort would you say is the most effective on the ground that deserves more support? Second what are the diplomatic efforts being done with Assad regime and other parties to facilitate the work of these organizations?
Several United Nations agencies continue to be active in the most difficult areas inside Syria. UNICEF, WHO and World Food Program are doing amazing work that deserves support. The Syrian Red Crescent and its volunteers have a broad access across the country, with many sacrifices. There are other organizations and NGOs that function under different names in the opposition-controlled areas and they are doing very good things as well.
Diplomatic efforts and political pressure are continuous to facilitate humanitarian access. A number of Security Council resolutions demanded a free and open humanitarian access, but unfortunately tactics of siege and starvation continue to be methodically used in the country. The situation in Madaya attracted a lot of attention to this issue. UN and partners have managed to get an approval for humanitarian convoys into Madaya. However, many other areas continue to suffer.
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