Mohamed Rizk Shokr, Internal medicine resident at Wayne State University/DMC
How does the UN define "success" in Syria ? and what were the implications of the Syrian crisis on Egyptian politics for the past 5 years?. Thanks for taking our questions.
Definition of success and the exact role of the UN political arm is always debatable, with political, legal and even philosophical ramifications to any answer . This is why we prefer to stick to the mandate imposed by the "international community" as represented by Security Council Resolutions. UNSCR 2254 is the current mandate for the UN political functions in Syria, with its emphasis on intra-Syrian talks and a national ceasefire.
Your second question is not easy to answer and needs lengthy conversations. I would say that the crisis in Syria had a huge impact over Egyptian politics post 2011. Scenes of violence, destruction and despair have undoubtedly led to levels of fear that were sometimes irrational or unjustified. The preservation of the state, even if unjust, repressive and dysfunctional became a priority for many Egyptians, with consequences you are probably aware of. Relevant to this would be the impact over Egyptian Islamists, with questions about militarization and the concept of Jihad, adding even more polarization and confusion among their ranks. A third level of analysis would be the geopolitical significance of Egypt and how Egypt's external role is being redefined through conscious and unconscious mechanisms with many long term repercussions.
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