Aaron El-Gordo Zelinger, Student
How vital was the private sector to this pursuit?
I am aware that many people in the nuclear disarmament field thinks the push for modernizing our nuclear arsenal and now the three types of delivery systems is the product of the defense industry's seeking profits.

I disagree.

The national laboratories and the rest of the complex are not big money makers. The delivery systems, as we see with yesterday development contract for a new strategic bomber, involves a great deal of money -- but that plane is primarily for conventional use.

The costly now Ohio class submarine is equally expensive but my guess is we will not build all 12 now planned since it is eating up the Navy's construction budget. This is one where keeping the plants in Connecticut and Mississippi may be factor.

Down the road, we may see a new ICBM but more likely it will just be a warhead.

The Triad idea survives because politically it is too dangerous for Democrats to attack and easy for Republicans to push to show they are tough militarily.
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