Ahmad Fahad Al-Shagra, Co-founder @ www.nadrus.com
We Iraqis face a challenge in maintaining talented educators in Iraq. Many of them have already left, or died.
But having achievers contribute back to Iraq is something many of us are willing to do from abroad online.
As an Iraqi, and the co-founder of an Arabic online video based training platform, would you recommend orgs like ours work with orgs like Teach For All to increase the number of 'online' educators, instead of traditional educators who might stop giving back after they leave Iraq?
Your statement about the loss of much of Iraq’s most promising talent is echoed by many of our partners in countries where graduates often choose to attend university abroad and never return. Several Teach For All partners have campaigns to recruit expatriates studying or working in other countries and encourage them to return home to improve education and expand opportunity for their nations’ future generations.

To your point about adapting our approach to unique contexts, at the moment, in addition to our 38 official network partners, Teach For All is working with 30 social entrepreneurs in regions all over the world who are considering establishing Teach For All organizations in their countries. Our staff support them on their journey to build support and capacity to launch organizations that adapt our leadership development approach into their unique contexts. You raise a very interesting question about the challenges of establishing a sustainable effort to expand educational opportunity in Iraq, and we would be happy to connect you to our team in the Middle East if you’re interested in further discussing. You can read more and contact us here: teachforall.org/en/get-in...rogram
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