Chip Hauss, Senior Fellow for Innovation at Alliance for Peacebuilding

I like Parlio because it wants to be a place where people like the two of us can "meet." We are about the same age and have offices about 10 blocks apart. But, we are politically as different as can be which leads to two overlapping questions.

As a leading Republican who will no doubt play a role in determining the party's post-Boehner future, what can you do to make debate in this town more civil?

Similarly, what can I do--as a good 1960s leftist--to do the same on my end of the spectrum?

No pressure or deadline for an answer, but before December 11 would help.
In our two-party system historically both parties have been large, diverse groups, and that is a strength for our country. Yet in recent years our politics has become very polarized, with Democrats moving farther to the left and Republicans farther to the right. Instead of working with Congress as Reagan and Clinton did during long periods of divided government, President Obama has chosen to go around Congress via executive actions, some of which appear and have been found to violate the constitutional separation of powers. My suggestion to both parties is to realize your party should be a broad coalition, one that about 60% of American voters would consider supporting, if not joining. This is not only good electoral politics, it also allows for good governance and successful legislative policy making, something that has been sorely missing the last few years. Continue reading...