Sarah Yun, Consulting Research Associate, Root Cause Institute
Hi Liz,
Thank you for taking our questions! You have an extremely interesting bio with a whole host of different experiences and approaches to tackling public interest issues. How did you land on media as your leverage point for inspiring change?
Hi Sarah, that's a great question. I actually ended up in media by accident. While I was living in London in 2011 doing my masters at the LSE, I started boxing. For the record, I was terrible at it! One day I was on Twitter and saw that the International Boxing Association was considering forcing female boxers to wear skirts at the 2012 Olympics. I was appalled. So I tweeted about it, naturally. saw it and reached out to me about starting a petition around the issue. They asked me to write a blog post about it and the Huffington Post decided to publish it. My campaign went viral and the decision was overturned. That's when I realized that I could effect the change I wanted to see in the world through media. I wrote about once a month for Huffpost on issues I cared about. Then I moved to New York and took a job as an intern for Mic. In two months, I brought one million users to the website and helped it grow into the company it is today. I couldn't be prouder of the work we have all accomplished together. I have also personally found my calling which feels great! Continue reading...