Jieun Baek, Researcher @ Harvard | Parlio community manager
Hi Liz -- thank you so much for taking our questions! As a feminist myself, I believe a feminist is someone who believes in and works towards achieving substantive and meaningful equality between men and women.

How would you define feminism?
That's a great question. Although it's important to remind people of the dictionary definition of feminism (equality of the sexes in terms of political, social and economic rights) it's also crucial to recognize that every person has their own understanding of the word. The point of feminism is to give women options and choices so if we were to label feminism or put it inside a box, it would be antithetical to the mission of the movement. We should remind people that feminism is after all about equality, but we should also encourage everyone to have conversations about the different way that they experience gender. It intersects with other identities such as race or class.

Despite it being a complicated label, it shouldn't be one people should feel scared to identify with. When I went to Time Square for the final episode of Season 1 of Flip The Script, I was shocked to see so many men identify with the principles of feminism refuse to identify themselves as feminists. If more people knew what feminism actually means, there would be less resistance to it.
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